So this has been a whirlwind. The community where we live, Anchorage, is split through the middle by train tracks. Each year there’s a North/South basketball game played in the school gym. The game is next weekend and two nights ago, one of the dads (from the other side of the tracks) contacted us with an idea.

Craig’s son, Holt, is just 5 years old and has been battling a rare cancer, Ewing’s Sarcoma. He pitched an idea that the players in the game could wear shirts honoring our kiddos. Fast-forward 48 hours and the proper approvals have been secured, the shirts have been designed, and the plan is in motion!

For those who want to get in on the t-shirt party, they are $15 each and net proceeds will benefit the Children’s Tumor Foundation and the Oncology Unit at Norton Children’s Hospital.

If you’re playing in or attending the game, please order your shirt(s) through the Anchorage Community & Alumni Association. (It’s past the deadline to get them before the game.)

Everyone else can order them through our simple store we’ve set up here.  We’ll probably only have it available through the next couple weeks.

We are absolutely humbled and honored that our community would want to honor Havyn in this way. Anchorage is such a unique place and our neighbors have been a tremendous support to us. We designed a shirt for the community which includes a yellow pediatric cancer ribbon draped around an anchor. I completely relate to what Craig said: “…this to me represents the love and support we have felt from everyone all over Anchorage…”

Oh and a special thanks to Andy at Synergism Apparel. He’s a good friend and the person to turn to for your custom apparel needs!

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  1. steve and tammy.but most of all,havyn and her brothers and sister.i am n o longer at nortons.i was asked to shave and cut my hair.i declined ,and gave notice.i am really going to miss a lot of people,mostly you all.i harbor no hard feelings,but i do think there was more going on with their request.i will try to get out to anchorage and maybe do lunch with you all,sometime.

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