Helping Out

Because many have asked how they can help, we decided to put together this page. It’s not posted publicly but we thought this might be a simple way to let those who have reached out have updated info. We are so grateful (more than you can possibly imagine) for the love and support we’ve received. 

The biggest thing we can ask for is your love and prayers. We have seen God at work and we ask for that above all. Here are some specific current prayer requests:

  • Healing for Havyn. This could go without saying, but we’ll say it anyway. We’re just praying for a tremendous outcome from halo traction and surgery.
  • Lodging. ANSWERED PRAYER. We are all settled in here in St. Louis!
  • MRI results. Please pray for good results and wise decisions for the doctors. We’re hoping the MRI will show stable tumors and that the images will be clear enough for the doctors to determine what kind of hardware to implant for her growing rod procedure. 

Many of you have asked how else you can help. There are a few practical things below. We’ll try to update as things change.

  • Cards. Please consider sending Havyn some mail! (Her siblings would love some too.) We’ll update this post with the hospital’s address as soon as we have it, but if you want to have a card ready to go that would be great! If you’re wanting to give a gift, consider waiting until we return. Havyn has a ton of stuff and more that we know is coming. We have limited space in the van coming home, too.
  • Donations. Please don’t feel obligated. We are not strapped financially. We’ve had several generous family, friends, and neighbors and we really have all we need. Some of you have indicated that you’d still like to help. Gift cards to restaurants, delivery services, gas, etc are always welcome. All funds that have been donated will be spent on medical expenses, groceries, gas, eating out, and some activities for the kids to do while in town. We’ll also have some odds and ends to buy to help Havyn be comfortable while in the hospital. Easiest ways to give are Venmo (@Young40223), CashApp ($Young40223), and PayPal (
  • Helping out later. We anticipate needing help when we return. Taking the kids for a day or helping out with a meal, etc, would be great!

Some of our friends/family have mentioned possibly making the trek to St. Louis to visit. We’d love to see you! Just know that Havyn will not be able to have visitors (Thanks so much Covid) unless the weather is nice and then she can come outside. That said, we’d still welcome the company. BUT when we’re back home in June we would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have friends and family stop by stop by to visit and cheer Havyn up. We should be back on or around June 11. She’ll still be recovering from surgery for 2-3 weeks so I know she’d love it if you stopped by!