Helping Out

So many people have asked how they can help Havyn and our family. We are so grateful (more than you can possibly imagine) for the love and support we’ve received. To be honest, we feel guilty because we consider ourselves abundantly blessed and are constantly meeting families who seem to be in much more dire situations.

The biggest thing we can ask for is your love and prayers. We have seen God at work and we ask for that above all.

But many of you have asked how else you can help. Several have prepared meals and others have helped us by watching our kids and helping with jobs around the house.

We have trouble identifying specific needs, but here are a couple ways you can help:

  • Food on chemo days. Tuesdays are typically chemo days for Havyn. Help with lunch and dinner on those days is huge. With our unpredictable schedule and her finicky palette, the easiest thing for us is gift cards. That way we can grab lunch between doctors’ visits or pick up dinner on the way home. We aren’t too picky on restaurants, especially if they have “to go” options. Here are some options who have locations convenient to us and allow you to send gift cards through email: Cracker BarrelPanera BreadQdobaSubway, Domino’s PizzaLogan’s RoadhouseDoc’s Cantina, Dairy QueenIHOPO’Charley’sTumbleweedRed Robin. Other options that the kids love are Chick-Fil-A, Fazoli’s, McAlister’s, Rafferty’s, Shiraz, Wendy’s, and El Caporal.
  • Help with St. Louis travel. Since we have to go to St. Louis every few months, help with gas would be appreciated. I couldn’t find places to order eGift cards, but Speedway, Pilot, and Shell would all be great options for travel.
Okay, that’s the end of this post. We don’t feel right asking for help, but are humbled and grateful to those who have offered. If other specific needs should arise, we’ll try to update this page. Thanks so much. Oh, and Havyn LOVES visitors (as long as they are healthy). Come by any time to see her just text or call beforehand.

– Steve and Tammy Young
  11805 Cedardale Rd
  Louisville, KY 40223
On most Tuesdays we’re at chemo from morning until the afternoon.  Those days are long and draining. Havyn is allowed to have visitors as long as they are healthy.  If you want to visit, call or text me so we can let the nurses know.
  -210 East Gray Street
    6th floor room 601
There’s valet parking for $4.00 in front of the building.