Port report

Havyn now has a new piece of hardware. We reported to the hospital this morning at 7:30 and they got her back into surgery fairly quickly. After a bit of trouble finding a vein, the surgeon successfully implanted a port near her right collar bone. They said she did great.

She is now recovering from the anesthesia. She’s had a bit of water and a bite of a sucker. She’s tired and pretty whiny. She kept asking for “ploset” for the longest time. We couldn’t understand her. “Do you want to go to the closet?” She’d say back with increasing frustration, “No! Ploset!” We asked if she wanted water. She shook her head sharply and kept demanding the ploset. “You want us to pause the movie?” “PLOSET!” Continue reading “Port report”

Heading home…

Goodbye Lake MichiganWe’ve enjoyed a bit more than a week in Michigan sitting by the lake and soaking up some sun. Couldn’t have asked for any better weather. God is so good!

As I looked out over the waves this morning I was reminded of Psalm 89. It doesn’t matter how stormy this life gets, we have One who can calm life when it’s at its fiercest. Continue reading “Heading home…”

Fun while we wait!

Havyn and daddy spelled her name with dominos!
Havyn and daddy spelled her name with dominos!

Waiting waiting waiting. We’re still waiting to hear results from the MRI. She did great with sedation and all the other business today. We had fun playing in the “playground” as she calls it. We’re on the cancer floor, and Kosair has a great room up here full of all kinds of toys and activities. We’re down there all the time.

Right now Havyn is resting and we’re waiting for brothers and sister to come down and visit. Looking forward to reuniting the family! We still hope to go home today.

MRI then home!?

Havyn is first in line for an MRI this morning. That’s an answer to prayer! We are sitting in radiology now, waiting to start sedation.

Havyn is all set for another MRI!
Havyn is all set for another MRI!

Let me catch you up to speed on everything…

We met with the oncologist yesterday and have a clearer picture of what the next steps are for sweet Havyn. Continue reading “MRI then home!?”