19 Replies to “Tumor pics… for those of you interested.”

  1. We are just stunned. Praying for all of you are you sort through all the information and make decisions. Please let us know what we can do to be of help.

    1. Thanks neighbors! Not the journey we’d have chosen for our sweetheart, but you should see her. So full of joy despite everything!

  2. Julian and I prayed tonight for his friend, Havyn. My mom and sister have partnered with me to pray for her as well. I will send them the update.
    Love to The Youngs!

  3. Little Havyn has been weighing on my heart – I find myself thinking about her (and all of you) so much. Praying! Please let me know if I can help in any way!! Xoxoxo

    1. Thank you Amy. You guys have become such special friends to our family and we count it a great blessing to have you on our side! Love you all

  4. Read this last night – and appreciate the pics – helps to see exactly what is going on. Praying like crazy for you all and your precious girl. am keeping Kari updated also so she can be praying. we love you guys!


  5. Just got from CK. Reaching thru this msg to hug you all and join in prayers for something bigger than mind can comprehend but thankful our God is bigger. My heart aches with you.

  6. Just heartbroken and shocked for you guys. But thankful that there is so pain. That’s amazing . A miracle really. That’s how big our God is. And He’s Gonna continue to show His power and strength and love every moment of this journey. That’s a promise

  7. Praying for you all!!! Thank you for sharing your journey and giving details. Helps to know what to pray for this sweet Joy!!! Continued prayers!!!

  8. As a parent, my heart hurts when I see these little love bugs suffering with these challenges. But, when it is your own children, the heart ache is unimaginable. I honestly don’t know how parents who have no faith in God do it! Praising God the Young family is immersed in prayer and that the Holy Spirit dwells in you richly. May our Prince of Peace…our Everlasting Father… guide you in all wisdom as walk through this valley.

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