More waiting…

First of all, Louisville is blessed to have a great place like Kosair. The staff here have been so friendly. This morning there were several teen volunteers who stopped by to see if there was anything we needed. They brought me a Diet Coke. For that reason, and maybe for a few more, I consider them heroes. I asked one how often he does this. “6 hours a day, twice a week.” In a narcissistic, self-absorbed world, it’s nice to see people who are willing to sacrifice their time to help someone else in need. And yes, Diet Coke is a need on days like these. 🙂

So the medical update is… not much. We did meet with a neurosurgeon this morning. He was very matter-of-fact and I appreciate that. He is sure that the neurologist and oncologist want to get a closer look – and the only way to do that is a biopsy. But he said the biopsy alone is quite risky. They’d have to open up her spine and take a piece of the tumor, and with it a piece of her spinal cord. Who knows what if any function she could lose in the process.

Add that to the fact that we have no knowledge of how long the tumor has been in her body or whether and how fast it’s growing, leads us to want to wait a bit to see if another MRI shows growth.

In addition, we’re waiting to meet with the oncologist. She will be able to talk to us about treatment and plans.

We saw images of the tumors. (For the curious types, I may post some here later if I can get them.) The optic glioma has grown significantly in the last couple months. I’d say tripled in size? You can easily see that it’s pressing on her eyeball and growing back toward the brain. If this were the only thing we were dealing with, I’m quite certain we would be talking chemo in the very near future. Surgery is an option but almost always means losing sight in the affected eye.

The spinal tumor is big. It covers 5 vertebrae and is wrapped in the spinal cord. Surgery is not an option because it’s interwoven like fingers of two hands interlocked. The great news is that it’s causing no pain and there don’t really seem to be any symptoms.

So we wait… it looks like tomorrow we may have another MRI to get a bit of a better look at the spinal tumor.

Please pray for wisdom. We’ll be faced with difficult choices that will have life-altering consequences.

And pray for a miracle.

And for more Diet Coke.

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  1. God is so big. We will continue to pray for precious Havyn to be used by God to touch lives for his kingdom in a mighty way!! But also for all of the Youngs to be strong and courageous! You are the light in a dark world right now. Love you guys!!!

    1. Dana! You have been such an encouragement to our family over the years. As you head to Texas this week, we’re praying that God would continue to guide your steps through this next journey. Thanks for your continued prayers and have a GREAT trip!

  2. Praying for your sweet family! May all of you experience God’s presence, power, love, and peace like never before. Waiting for good news 🙂

  3. Praying for Havyn and your whole family, Steve and Tammy. I don’t know about you but it’s times like these that I’m so glad we have our Lord. I’ll be praying through your list.

  4. As recipients of a couple miracles (one born only moments away from Havyn!), I can completely sense your desperation. Our God is incredible and will use Havyn to bring JOY, and her awesome parents to share the light of Christ in this situation. Kosair, and the events we’ve encountered there, has been such a blessing to our family, and I pray the same for yours.
    May God be near you and give you strength and courage in the coming days as you make decisions you never imagined you’d need to. Love you guys.

  5. Steve I am so sorry your sweet Hayvn is having to go through all of this. Please know that my entire family will be lifting up Hayvn, the doctors and you and Tammy in prayer. xo

  6. Kosair is a fantastic hospital–when both of our boys were just a week old, they were diagnosed with a rare kidney disorder called pseudohypoaldosteronism. Kosair had access to great specialists and skilled nurses and doctors. And as Christians, we have access to the Great Physician so Havyn is in the best hands possible. I’ll be praying for healing for her and for peace for all of you.

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