Home ahead of schedule!

Havyn is home! Because she was doing so well and her blood and urine cultures have been negative, they allowed Havyn to go home a bit ahead of schedule. They’ll keep watching the cultures for a few days, but hopefully we’re home until chemo on Tuesday!

We appreciate your continued prayers that she’d stay fever-free. But will you also join is in praying for a few people we’ve met?

First of all, please pray for Camden and his mom Kristina. We met them before we left the hospital. Camden has terminal brain cancer and days to live. Kristina is a single mom of 3 and is sick herself. She was pulling an IV pole and is currently a patient at Norton as her son is at Kosair next door in his final days. If you are interested in helping, the family has a GoFundMe page here.

Please pray for little Camarion who goes by the name “Red.” He’s 2 and is getting treated for a blood disorder. They hope to go home next week but he has a fight ahead of him.

Finally, pray for Ranisha. We first met her when she was doing a daily cleaning of our room. She has a sweet smile and was very friendly as she went about her business of helping keep the hospital clean. Then this morning, as Tammy was enjoying a little quiet time in the chapel, Ranisha walked in. Through their conversation Tammy learned that Ranisha’s 21-year old son was murdered last month.

These stories and many more give us perspective and help us to realize that part of the “why?” question we have can be answered when we look around us. God doesn’t cause cancer, tumors, diseases or murder — but he walks with us through all of it. We recognize that a big part of our purpose is to meet people in their lowest and love them like Jesus.

Thanks for loving us and praying for some of our new friends.

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  1. Steve and Tammy….
    Thank you so much for sharing Havyn’s journey and grateful she is back home and praying that she continues to stay healthy.

    Thank you for helping all of us to keep things in perspective with all of the other people that you all are meeting and showing the love of Jesus…God wastes nothing, even cancer, murder and tragedies.

    Continued blessings for your family!

  2. Amen! The mission field is truly all around us; and, God’s purpose and placement truly does reach farther than our perspectives could ever allow. What a privilege it is to be a part of His story – to watch first hand as the pain of this world is intertwined with a Peace and Joy only He could offer. Thank you for sharing your story and faith!

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