New Year, New Scan

The Young kids enjoyed the most joy-filled Christmas season! They’ve had indelible smiles on their faces through all of the family time, gift giving, and celebrating. i wish I had time to share about all of our yuletide shenanigans — and maybe we’ll post some photos soon — but the main reason for this post is to invite you to pray for Havyn’s scans tomorrow (Thursday) morning.

This brain MRI is kind of a milestone one. If results are stable then she gets to have her port removed. The chemo was being used to primarily treat her optic pathway glioma and that has been stable since the start of chemo more than 18 months ago. Please join us in praying for another stable result!

Many of you read Tammy’s Facebook post and may remember the news from our most recent blog entry.Her last MRI showed some growth in a very small lesion in her brain. She has lots and lots of these spots which are basically small tumors. We didn’t like the news that one was growing, but we also know these sort of spots are relatively common in kids with NF-1. (See this article shared with us by our friend Dr. Stone if you are up for some bedtime reading!)

Havyn’s oncologist told us that more growth of this spot would probably mean a biopsy is in order. Needless to say, we are praying for NO GROWTH and that this little bugger would say “adios,” “sayonara,” and “toodle-oo!!”

We’ll leave home early in the morning. A special thanks to Lauren and Barb for help with the other kids. This MRI will be in Louisville at Norton Children’s, unlike the last few which she’s had in Cincy. The reason is that Cincy is the hospital where she gets her cast and she’s keeping this current cast on a bit longer.

If when the results come back stable, we’ll remove her current cast and she’ll go in for a port removal surgery. After that heals we’ll head to Cincinnati for her next cast. That is currently scheduled for the end of the month.

After the MRI we’ll head to Cracker Barrel or Waffle House. Havyn gets to choose, but a syrup-covered breakfast is what she craves after anesthesia.

We probably won’t get results tomorrow. I’m hoping they’ll call us on Friday but it may not be until Monday. We’ll, of course, update everyone as soon as we have any news!

I need to get this posted so I can go to bed and so that you can know to pray. But I first have to say a BIG thanks to our friends at Gilda’s Club Louisville, Kosair Charities, Aiden’s Legacy, Kourageous Kids, and Make-a-Wish. Each of these organizations, in ways big and small, has helped to make Christmas just a little sweeter for the Young family this year. And thanks to so many of our friends and family members who have been so great to us in 2017. Your prayers, kindness, charity, and love are undeserved and we can never begin to repay you.

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  1. We love you all and are believing for sweet Havyn to be completely healed! Kisses and hugs

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