The decision… for now anyway.

We’re sitting downtown waiting for Havyn to be rolled back so that she can be sedated and fitted for her new brace. After so many prayers and the combined wisdom of our incredible community, we’ve decided to proceed with bracing. Within a week or two she should be in the new brace. We’ll see how it fits her and make our final decision whether we’re going to postpone the December 2nd surgery.

Thanks for your prayers this morning!

Havyn is ready for a new brace!

7 Replies to “The decision… for now anyway.”

  1. Prayers for sweet Havyn! Also, mom, dad , & rest of family! Caitlin having surgery on Wednesday to remove what we believe to be a neurofibroma on her arm. Love y’all!????

  2. Good parenting! You love your children fiercely. Time and time again we see you ask God for direction and answers. Then we see God honoring your faithfulness with help moving the mountains in your life.

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