Westward Bound!

We’re sitting at an office in downtown Louisville right now as Havyn is hooked up and getting another dose of her chemo. She’s quite a trooper. These appointments haven’t really gotten much easier for her, but after a few tears she watches movies, plays games, and waits patiently (as much as a 3-year-old can be patient) for them to pull that needle out.

The car is packed, and as soon as we’re done here we’ll hit the road to St. Louis! We have a bunch of appointments lined up for Wednesday and Thursday. Havyn will see an oncologist, an orthopedist, an ophthalmologist, and a neurologist. And maybe we’ll find time between appointments to get over to the zoo to see all the animals!

At this point we don’t have any procedures scheduled — the doctors we’ll meet with with examine Havyn and review her MRIs, X-Rays, and other records. We have confidence that they’ll give us good direction on how to proceed with her care. They are some of the leaders in NF research and treatment.

Please pray for safe travels and great visits. We’ll update as we get news.

6 Replies to “Westward Bound!”

  1. Praying!
    If you get a chance, check out the Science Center near the zoo in St. Louis. It is free with lots of hands on exhibits and experiments.

  2. Hate those needles!!! What a trooper she is…. So strong. Safe travels and I hope you all get the zoo for a little fun.

  3. Glad to know you are going to such great specialists. Sending my love and prayers for a safe trip that provides some answers and guidance, and that you find time for the zoo!

  4. Praying, praying, for sweet little Havyn. And for her parents…I cannot imagine how difficult it is for you. Praising God in advance for her complete and total healing!

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