GREAT counts and Linkin’ Bridge too!

ANC4600Havyn started back to chemo today. She hates it… who can blame her!? But she did wonderfully. Her blood work came back great! A normal ANC (absolute neutrophil count) is 2000+ and she was at 4600 today! I don’t think we’ve ever seen it that high. The two weeks off was much needed since she was only 900 at the beginning of the break.

The folks down at UofL Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders (that’s a mouthful) are great. We are so thankful for Vickie, Pamela, Crystal, Lesa, Linda, Hope, Monique, Spencer, and so many others who are there to help our girl and all the other sweet kiddos. Havyn was extra social as she helped pass out our Christmas card. She had hugs for everyone. One of the other families (Savannah’s family) brought in bagels for everyone to enjoy. A Panera Cinnamon Crunch bagel was good medicine! And the staff was passing out gifts for the kids. Havyn got a very Doc McStuffins toy that she’ll have a ton of fun with.

After chemo she had a time of art therapy with Miss Emily at Norton Cancer Institute. She had so much fun making necklaces and a beautiful canvas. If you know someone in Louisville who is battling cancer, please connect them with the Norton Cancer Institute. They offer great services and programs for cancer patients at no cost.

And then it was on to Chick-Fil-A to finish off our daddy date. Havyn + CFA = HappMontre Davisy Times! As we were leaving I noticed a familiar face sitting at a table near us. I asked him if he was indeed Montre Davis from Linkin’ Bridge. He flashed his big smile and nodded his head. We enjoyed following their journey on America’s Got Talent and it was good to see that Montre appreciates fine dining as much as the Young family does. He told me he had dropped his girlfriend off at the mall and come across the street. He made a wise choice. Thanks to Amazon Prime, the mall and I no longer have to be friends.

Thanks for your continued prayers and your unbelievable support for our family through this journey. Please be in prayer for Tammy’s mom, Virginia. Mamaw starts chemo on Wednesday. She and Havyn will be chemo buddies and we pray that she can be brave like Havyn and tolerate the treatments as well as her granddaughter has.

I imagine we won’t post again before Christmas… so may your Christmas be merry and bright!

Oh… one clarification: several have read our recent post and thought that Havyn will be put in a full body cast. That’s not the case. It will be more of a torso cast technically called a Risser or Mehta Cast and I think it will look something like this.

6 Replies to “GREAT counts and Linkin’ Bridge too!”

  1. Praise God for a good report! As the scripture says… Who’s report will we believe?… We will believe the report of the Lord! Hallelujah!
    Praying for your sweet baby girl Steve. Your Father is taking care of Havyn! He loves her so very much!
    Merry Christmas to you all!
    Sherry, Tom, Makayla, Vaughn and Shane

  2. WOO! HOO! Thank you, Jesus!! SO happy to see this wonderful news!! Continued prayers for that sweet girl, Tammy’s mom and all your family! Praying that your Christmas be full of lots of love and even more laughter!

    We love you to the moon!!
    Vicky, Terry & Mckenzie

  3. My brother, always bringing the laughs (“fine dining” etc). Great news on the counts and fun daddy daughter times!

  4. Hugs to Havyn and Daddy. Prayers for Mamaw and Havyn in the weeks to come. Pray the hope of Christmas brings hope for treatment tolerance and ease.

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