Chemo Tuesday with Special Visitors

Well, thankfully we dodged a hospital visit last week. After chemo last week Havyn ran a low grade fever and ended the day throwing up. (All over her brand new Christmas PJs and my new bed spread, but thats besides the point. Deep Breath.) Called the Dr. and We took her temp all through the night and she was borderline for about a day. Then she was fine. Praise God.

Today her counts are dropping, but good enough to get chemo. She is getting better and better at getting her finger stick for blood work and her port accessed. She will say, ” I just cried a little bit, I didn’t freak out!”

She had some fellow NF1 friends at chemo today. We love Savannah and Layla. Savannah has an optic glioma and wears eye patches like Havyn. Coincidentally they had the same pink patch on.

We love Uncle Jon & Grace!We also had a special visitor to come see us this week. Uncle Jon and Gracie! We love visitors. Thankfully it was slow enough today and everyone was healthy.

Oh- I almost forgot. We met a new little girl, Emily and her daddy Mike. She is around Havyn’s age and on pretty heavy doses of chemo. She is one of 5 and dad is a single dad. I told them that we would pray for them, so thats a few more names you can add to your prayer lists!

Thanks for keeping our name fresh in the ears of our Father!!! I know he hears our prayers and I believe that He is up to some crazy things

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