An MRI to welcome in 2017

Nothing like a 6 am MRI to celebrate the beginning of 2017! It’s amazing how well Havyn does with these. She has graduated from having the yucky medicine (Versed — pronounced: verse-ED) shot up her nose to now actually drinking it. This makes MRI’s so much easier. The Versed makes her really loopy and kind of drunk. It helps take her mind off of getting the IV and with separation anxiety. We do the meds via IV and not her port because of the risk of infection. The more her port is accessed the higher risk of her getting an infection.

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We had this MRI at Norton Children’s Medical Center (formerly Kosair Brownsboro) WOW! They really know how to spoil a little girl. Mrs.Vicki and Mrs. Melissa were so great! Mrs. Melissa brought Havyn her favorite thing ever: Play-Doh!!! Havyn didn’t want to leave. She had playdoh, and more playdoh, crayons and a coloring book, snacks and of course a balloon! We are so grateful for caring people!!!!

Once we have results we will post again! Praying for great news! It was a year ago on Dec 24th that we got the call that her MRI showed a small tumor on her optic nerve. Praying that 2017 brings better news!!!

Now off to shop for some Christmas clearance sales and to watch the Rose Parade with the kids!

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