I saw Havyn kissing Santa Claus!!!

So amazing how God allows peoples paths to cross in perfect God timing!  Blows me away every time.  After chemo on Tuesday, Havyn and I went to Thortons to get her “after chemo slushie!” (Thanks Amanda for the slushie gift card!)  I almost took her home before my chiropractor appointment, but she was excited that mommy had to go see the dr and not her.  I have had some back pain for about a month and just now getting around to making an appointment.  Just so happened that at 4 pm I would be at Dr.Drews office getting adjusted at the same time that Santa Claus and Mrs. Clause would be there getting adjusted too.  Dr.Drew (shout out to the best chiropractor in the world. He is at Louisville Health Solutions. Go check him out!!! http://louisvillehealthsolutions.com/) knocks on the door and says, “Havyn, I have a special visitor for you.”  Low and behold here comes Santa Claus.  Her face, ya’ll!!!!  PRICELESS!!!  My phone had no more space for pics but thankfully, Santa handed me his phone and said here take pictures and email them to yourself.  You don’t understand, unless you have met this Santa, how special he is!!!  Ya’ll, he and his sweet wife are filled with the Holy Spirit!  Full of JOY!!!

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As he held onto Havyn he shared his story of loosing 2 daughters in a car accident in 1989.   Watch this video and grab your tissue box!!!  It is unbelievable!!!  After seeing this you will know why he is the real deal!


I can’t even begin to tell you how my heart is still full of joy from his kindness towards us.  When I hugged him it was a hug from a little girl missing her daddy and a daddy missing his little girls! After hearing his story my heart was full of compassion and joy watching him hold Havyn tight!  After he gave her a sweet little kiss she beamed from ear to ear so excited to tell the others that she saw Santa and Mrs. Claus.  I was just as excited!!


What a joyful ending to a long hard day!!  Mr. Santa and Mrs. Claus, thank you for taking time to make our day.  We will never forget it!!

Much Love! – Tammy and Havyn


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  1. I worked with Walt years ago at Aflac! He is the kindest sweetest man! I’m so happy he could bring Havyn some Joy. Still praying for you all

  2. Santa Walt!!! His precious wife is in my Thursday Bible Study. They are soooo sweet. so glad Havyn got to meet them

  3. Neal grew up with one of his daughters and we went to prom with her. It was a heart-wrenching accident. They are a very sweet family.

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