OMO we go!

Can I tell you how incredible this Havyn is? She is a rock star! She takes chemo like a champ!!! (Insert, God is amazing!) Her counts are still dropping, but was high enough to get chemo today! (ANC 1200, Hemoglobin 8.3) Praise God!
We are at OMO (Nortons Hospital) today instead of HEM/ONC. Here we have a private room with bathroom and bed, free parking and lunch served. Chicken fingers, mac and cheese and mashed potatoes with vanilla pudding for desert. The mac and cheese and pudding was a hit! Kind of nice!! We do miss the community at HEM/ONC though. So we will more than likely do chemo there after her 3 week break. She has chemo again on Jan 31.  A much welcomed break ahead of us!!  At this point in time we have about 20 chemo treatments left!!!


We are getting a second opinion in Cincy on Thursday for the cast for her scoliosis. Hoping we can get the casting done there instead of St.Louis to cut down the traveling a bit!!!! Plus, we want to make sure that casting is the best option!
Thanks for your continued prayers. Our biggest struggle right now is Havyn isn’t sleeping well! She has never been a good sleeper, but the last few weeks she has been waking up several times in the middle of the night and ends up in our bed to keep from waking up everyone else! We give her magnesium and started meletonin again last night.  Please pray for her and us!  We are really starting to wear down with broken sleep every night!  Her wake times are around 11:30pm and 2:00am. So in case you are up at that time, whisper a prayer for her to sleep!

One more quick update.  My mom, Jenny, is doing great.  She took her first chemo a few weeks ago.  She has another round of chemo on Thursday which is the harder dosage.  This round will case her hair to fall out and to possibly be more nauseous.  Please keep her and us, as she stays at our house, in your prayers this week!!!

Thanks for keeping up with our journey!  We are getting through this with all of your prayers and support!

We love you all!!!

-Tammy and Havyn

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  1. Good job you are so sweet and precious your like an Angel your in my prayers keep up the good work God Bless you
    Nonie Brugh

  2. Havyn is so strong and so is her family!!! I love Cincinnati. You will be in great hands. They continue to take wonderful care of Eliana. Thinking of your Mom as well.

  3. Havyn is my HERO!! And so are you & all of your precious family! The Peays are thinking of you, praying for all of you and your mom, and sending love and hugs to you!! ♥ That little person with the HUGE smile is truly amazing!!

  4. We use calms forte for kids or kid calm by Hylands. Helped our boys calm down but would have to check for interactions. Will be praying.

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